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Adjusting data on citizens and the organizations

Search and installation ("punched hole") of data in debtors, the spouses familiar, brides and grooms, officials, business partners, proprietors, workers, the organizations and establishments.
You learn with whom have or be going to deal!

Adjusting data on citizens and the organizations

Adjusting data on citizens:

The Presents and assumed names, pseudonyms, nicknames
Nameplate data
Current and the previous registration
The property
Possible communications
Telephone numbers
The information on neighbours
Previous convictions, drives
Civil suits
Marriages, spouses and children
The taken credits and debts
Sanctions to the weapon
Vehicles and gos. Numbers
Driving licence and records of motor licensing and inspection department
Records about death

Adjusting data on the organization:

The Name and a kind of activity
INN and bank accounts
Legal and actual addresses
Date and place of establishment
Telephone numbers
Turn and the shown profit
The property
Possible bankruptcies
Connected and affiliated firms
Communications with people

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The license DG 01 93 в„–95 Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs of SPb and L.O.

Private detective

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